Author’s Message

Thank you for taking a moment to delve a little deeper into the history behind this website. For those new to my content, my name is Alice and I’m a lifelong Entertainment Enthusiast and Film Critic. Having spent many years working online as a freelance journalist, this website marks my first big step away from producing content for other publications.

Unlike many other critics, my work is independently produced and this allows me to protect my articles from the influence of everyday politics and publication guidelines. Even if a movie is awarded five stars across the board, there’s no guarantee that the reviews here will follow suit, and this level of objectivity is something that I strive to achieve as an autonomous writer with a commitment to creating wholly honest content for everyday readers and subscribers.

To add an even more unique element to the site, I have devised my very own Blade Runner inspired ‘Replicant Rating System’ which I use instead of a more standard five star format. Each movie is assigned a certain number of unicorns based on the quality of its content. You may also notice that some films have a ‘Golden Orbit Award’ instead of a standard rating. This is a site-certified seal of approval, highlighting this particular film as a must-see or a personal favourite. On the other end of the scale is the dreaded ‘Zero Unicorn Ranking,’ an honest hint that a film must be avoided at all costs as it ranks poorly on the site.

Whether you’ve read my work before or have stumbled across this website by chance, I send my warmest regards and sincerest gratitude for your support. Please feel free to peruse the site at your leisure and don’t hesitate to send me questions via the contact tab.

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