“Ghost Stories” Review ✦✦✧✧✧

7 April, 2018

Directors: Jeremy DysonAndy Nyman
Screenwriters: Jeremy DysonAndy Nyman
Director of Photography: Ole Bratt Birkeland
Andy NymanMartin FreemanPaul Whitehouse

Synopsis: A cynical professor who has dedicated his life to debunking paranormal activity finds his beliefs tested after connecting with an idol from his childhood who reveals that all might not be what it seems.

Ghost Stories Review:

Standard and irritating as a mash-up horror with the cheek to feign originality, “Ghost Stories” reworks pre-existing frameworks in a candid format, taking its time to reveal monsters whose presence falls flat in a film where atmosphere takes precedence over comprehension. Allegorical and insular, the movie implores us to cower upon the reveal of its true meaning and yet it becomes almost impossible to appreciate due to the sheer contrivance of its scares, filling every conceivable moment of action with elusive figures in dark places, the majority of whom can be mocked more effectively than they can ever be truly feared by those familiar with horror convention.

A marketing success from Lionsgate yet one with the potential to become a notable big screen disappointment, “Ghost Stories” reveres its own concept, the essence of which stays hidden mostly until the final act where a shift in perspective takes the film in unforeseen directions. While undoubtedly bolstered by its final moments, the movie suffers heavily as a bloated scare flick, giving us very little to write home about for the majority of its runtime as clichéd bumps and jumps send viewers to sleep before Dyson and Nyman truly tuck into the meat of their subject matter.

Smarter than a first glance suggests but dumber than it strives to be, “Ghost Stories” is a metaphor without a hook, a film lacking pizazz or likeability while attesting the prevalence of clichés within an already saturated genre. Suffering from the same ups and downs as a throwaway anthology horror, “Ghost Stories” scatters its puzzle pieces confidently but wears itself down to a nub of its original potential, giving viewers one final eyeroll before closing the door on a concept that deserved to be unpacked with a little more excitement than that of a late-night television drama.


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