“Unsane” Review ✦✦✧✧✧

25 March, 2018

Director: Steven Soderbergh
Screenwriters: Jonathan BernsteinJames Greer
Director of Photography: Steven Soderbergh
Claire FoyJoshua LeonardJay Pharoah

Synopsis: Tricked into being confined to a psychiatric ward, a young woman struggles to come to terms with the truth surrounding her committal which may or may not have been concocted by a crazed stalker who follows her every move.

Unsane Review:

The smartphone alternative to “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” with a faultless lead performance from British treasure Claire Foy, “Unsane” sees yet another ambitious project headed by established filmmaker Steven Soderbergh who retains a professional eye from behind an amateur lens. Exceeding the experience of those who may have been more conservative in their exploration of uncertain madness, the film reminds viewers that Soderbergh and co. have an expertise that transcends the hesitations of the everyday student filmmaker but it’s in their overarching stylistic competence that the cracks of a misguided thriller begin to show. While the film’s creative team has no qualms about finding the right atmosphere, it’s in their very dabble with madness that paranoia becomes a synonym for artistic ambivalence, producing an underexplored and conceptually stale horror movie with a dull temperament.

Undeniably nutty but rendered immemorable due to the directions taken in a patience-testing story, “Unsane” shuns the potential of its set-up, finding mediocrity in mania as a wonderful low-budget experiment dissipates into a padded melodrama with an obvious twist. Rendered dumb and passionless by the very nature of its story, the film struggles to balance suspense between opposing lines of thought, pointing consistently to a single outcome while having the nerve to end on a predictable note. Full of potential but lacking narrational vigour, “Unsane” sees all conviction driven into the ground by stodge and sterility; a truth made real not by the limitations of an iPhone 7 but by the fundamental shortcomings of a dozy concept.


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