“Isle of Dogs” Review ✦✦✦✦✧

20 March, 2018

Director: Wes Anderson
Screenwriter: Wes Anderson
Director of Photography: Tristan Oliver
Bryan CranstonKoyu RankinEdward Norton

Synopsis: A group of city pups living rough after being banished to a vast garbage dump embark on a daring adventure when a lone pilot crash-lands on their island in a desperate bid to locate his lost dog.

Isle of Dogs Review:

A picture-perfect pup pic with cross-cultural stamina, “Isle of Dogs” is a socially diverse and brilliantly assembled adult animation, plotting like an old-school prison movie while revelling in the symmetrical bliss of a Wes Anderson picture. Combining haikus and ancient samurai lore with a pet-centric escapade across a perilous trash dump, the film translates the bark and reels in the bite, rendering humans less anthropomorphic than animals with table-turn precision. Loyal to a handful of misfits who willingly risk their lives in order to track down a fellow canine, “Isle of Dogs” picks its favourites and stays by their side, adding a warmth and breadth to a story that could so easily have been lost under the severity of Wes Anderson’s cool and clinical mode of address.

Straight-faced comedy with punchlines hidden in the darndest of places, “Isle of Dogs” is an ironically inclined and artistically inspiring episodic bonanza, proving impossible to dismiss as a creative endeavour while also potentially divisive for audience members who are yet to trawl through the director’s canon. Proportional perfection with a ridiculously astute code of conduct, the movie sits firmly within Wes Anderson’s pre-established symmetrical universe, leaving no room for chance or error in a film where even the tiniest of details have a grander purpose. From petals floating in the breeze to a dog treat shared between many, “Isle of Dogs” leaves us in awe of its poignancy, transforming characters of all species, the impact of which is never lost in translation.


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