“Gringo” Review ✦✦✧✧✧

11 March, 2018

Director: Nash Edgerton
Screenwriters: Anthony TambakisMatthew Stone
Director of Photography: Eduard Grau
Joel EdgertonCharlize TheronDavid Oyelowo

Synopsis: A downtrodden businessman on the cusp of losing his job hatches a plan to trick his boss into wiring him $2 million, setting in motion a bizarre chain of events involving a Mexican drug lord, an ex-mercenary, and two bewildered hipsters.

Gringo Review:

Arriving at a bad time while seemingly oblivious to the world existing outside of its offbeat comedic antics, “Gringo” is lacking a few too many brain cells to be entirely complicit in its actions, falling flat on a number of central puns as a so-so creative team settle for a two hour slog with a mediocre premise. Impossible to fall in love with but difficult to outright hate, the movie’s unclear intentions are as much its downfall as its saving grace, stringing together a number of situational sketches which see famous faces appearing and disappearing for extended lengths of time in a bumbling abduction comedy without an actual kidnapping.

Interesting as a passing idea shared between colleagues at a screenwriting social but poorly written as a full length movie with a recognisable cast of characters, “Gringo” is a forgettable farce with no sense of direction, an excuse for a number of explosive moments from Oyelowo and Theron whose meagre character arcs are demoted in favour of a few petty laughs. Lacking suspense and ending on a terrible message, “Gringo” leaves the bulk of its ‘weed pill’ subplot on the cutting room floor, missing the mark on its most intriguing element and leaving viewers to wonder if most of its madness was simply improvised on the spot once the cameras started rolling.


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