“Mom and Dad” Review ✦✦✦✧✧

10 March, 2018

Director: Brian Taylor
Screenwriter: Brian Taylor
Director of Photography: Daniel Pearl
Nicolas CageSelma BlairAnne Winters

Synopsis: The kids in a suburban town attempt to evade capture after their parents develop a spontaneous condition which drives them to murder their own children.

Mom and Dad Review:

Harking back to the 1970s with its “Last House on the Left” vibes, “Mom and Dad” kills babies and pits family against family, fancying itself as a lost artefact from Hollywood’s “Beyond the Valley of the Dolls” era while looking to the past in search of a reason to exist in a contemporary context. Bonkers, nonsensically formulated, yet verging on brilliant in all of its madness, the movie flips instinctive parental behaviours on their head, turning devotion into a tunnel-visioned homicidal mania targeting only the offspring of those caught under its spell.

Purging in an oddly precise fashion, the film uses its weird premise to target a very particular audience bracket, producing a script that requires a Nic Cage freakout and satiating those in search of yet another iconic meltdown. Smashing up pool tables, whining incomprehensibly, and tripping over toy cars, Cage gives a head high to those who still hold “Vampire’s Kiss” and “The Wicker Man” near and dear to their hearts, showing a true fondness for his fans in an ultimately harmless concept movie with absolutely no subtlety to its subtext.

High-key exploitation extracted intravenously from Brian Taylor’s super-charged blood stream, “Mom and Dad” sees more jittery commotion from the man behind the “Crank” movies, creating a new kind of zombie without resorting to a clichéd horde of gormless beasts. Cutting away where appropriate and allowing its youngster to retaliate “Home Alone” style, the film never eradicates the human from either side of the conflict, avoiding controversy by creating a truly impromptu murder spree with a comedic and relatable message. Giving an added energy boost with a fantastic score from electro expert and glitch hop DJ Mr. Bill, “Mom and Dad” excels as a one-watch wonder that’s made for parents to watch late in the evening after the littluns have been put to bed.


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