“A Wrinkle in Time” Review ✦✧✧✧✧

9 March, 2018

Director: Ava DuVernay
Screenwriter: Jennifer Lee
Director of Photography: Tobias A. Schliessler
Chris Pine, Reese Witherspoon, Oprah Winfrey

Synopsis: Travelling through the universe on a mission to locate their lost father, a frustrated young girl and her prodigious brother enlist the help of three ethereal beings who teach them the laws of good and evil while guiding them to fulfil their destiny.

A Wrinkle in Time Review:

Sinfully boring and sparsely imagined, “A Wrinkle in Time or: How I Learned to Accept Compliments and Love My Family” is a film damned by modern virtue. Transforming literary genius into mollified trash for a mainstream audience, the movie resembles nothing from times past while encapsulating everything wrong with times present, spelling out each and every syllable in its tolerance for dummies screenplay. Playing out as a corny rendition of America’s current political climate in which Oprah becomes the convenient voice of wisdom, “A Wrinkle in Time” rather ironically turns an excessively praised talk show host into the Terl of kiddie fantasy, envisioning her as Jesus while plopping out a pantomime fairy godmother in a wannabe “Wizard of Oz” story.

Producing more cheese than a dairy farm with a painful script and contrived narrative, “A Wrinkle in Time” captures a number of pitiful attempts at emotive resonance from an adaptive team with no awareness of how unlikable moody teens, creepy love interests, and magical smart arses really are. To call the movie the “Valerian” of 2018 would be far too kind. This is the “Troll 2” of fantasy film-making; a movie where tesseracts and continuum mechanics coexist with Teletubby sets, airy-fairy plot propulsion, and commute by flying cabbage. Miserly and affected storytelling with a clichéd message, “A Wrinkle in Time” isn’t worth a look-in from either the familiar nor the uninformed. It’s here to remind us that disasters still happen, especially on a multi-million dollar budget.


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A Wrinkle in Time