“Game Night” Review ✦✦✦✦✧

27 February, 2018

Directors: John Francis DaleyJonathan Goldstein
Screenwriter: Mark Perez
Director of Photography: Barry Peterson
Jason BatemanRachel McAdamsKyle Chandler

Synopsis: A group of friends united by their love of fierce competition experience the game night of their lives after witnessing a violent kidnapping that appears to be staged but may in fact be real.

Game Night Review:

A textured postmodern mystery which proudly offers itself up for assessment while embroiled in the madness of semi-unhealthy competition, “Game Night” thrives on strategy and playful appeal, inspired by the joys of “Clue” and “The Game” yet happy to avoid the slog of colour-coded conventions and reveal-all finales. Made with the writing chops it needs to feel like a worthwhile comedy, the film smashes through layers of narrational kinks, keeping viewers guessing in moments of comedic unease and proving intelligent while opting for mini-twists over bloated build-up sequences.

Both the perfect excuse for a Rachel McAdams comeback and a reason for likeable personalities to break through two-dimensional archetypes, “Game Night” rewrites the hero, the lovers, and the bimbo blonde in scenes of endless comic relief against an unpredictably violent backdrop. From nowhere romance to eccentric neighbours, the movie bends expectation in the same way it curves convention, combing through every flaw and limitation with a contagious sense of humour. Crafting criminal cohorts from a midnight jolly, “Game Night” writes a character for every occasion, building hilarious jokes on the antics of a perfectly dysfunctional cast of misfits as the overlap between performance and reality forms the basis for a late-night puzzle with a dangerous twist.

Mapped out like a board game but far more entertaining than a rowdy Monopoly match with the in-laws, “Game Night” gifts it viewers with reams of snappy intertextual references, becoming intentionally reflexive while searching for clues with no guarantee of a pleasant outcome. Conceptually confident from beginning to end, “Game Night” is an unmissable treat that no one predicted, a funny and heart-warming gem that has to be seen in its entirety to be believed.


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