“Black Panther” Review ✦✦✦✧✧

13 February, 2018

Director: Ryan Coogler
Screenwriters: Ryan Coogler, Joe Robert Cole
Director of Photography: Rachel Morrison
Chadwick BosemanMichael B. JordanLupita Nyong’o

Synopsis: An African prince crowned king after the unexpected death of his father attempts to utilise the power of the Black Panther for noble causes while being challenged by an unforeseen rival who arrives in Wakanda to claim the throne.

Black Panther Review:

A memorable milestone in the history of comic book cinema, “Black Panther” is a film of brimming ambition, allowing paper origins to come to life through the sheer enthusiasm of a restless cast while hitting screens like the social earthquake that was always promised. Keen to rally behind a ground-breaking screenplay and fine-tuning a cacophony of expectation into a mostly calm and collected movie, writer-director Ryan Coogler steadies his creative hand, taking very few risks in order to stay true to the story’s roots. While necessary to the success of such a partisan blockbuster, the movie’s lack of surprises are as comforting as they are needlessly disciplined at the forefront of such an emotionally driven moment, swayed easily by fan expectation in ways that could’ve just as easily been diverted.

Remaining as cool as a cucumber yet lacking the charisma of his brilliant co-stars, Chadwick Boseman gives the straight-faced performance he signed up for, paling in comparison to respective villain and sidekick, Michael B. Jordan and Letitia Wright. The latter is the unexpected delight in a film persistent in retaining the Marvel sense of humour as the surprising comedienne who excels in times of subdued action. Unsurprisingly, “Black Panther” peaks atop death-drop waterfalls in scenes scattered sparingly in a movie built on sandy flashbacks and verbal negotiation.

While missing some of the smash and crash battles which make up the bread and butter of the Avengers universe, “Black Panther” fancies itself as a standalone action movie, playing by its own rules despite the standard beats all being in place. Sentimental with a few character arcs and comedic moments falling short of inspiration, “Black Panther” wows viewers with soundtrack, set design, and costume, producing a fantastical universe with an inviting cast whose place in a unique origin story is an excuse for something far grander and more resonant than the average Captain America movie.


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