“I, Tonya” Review ✦✦✦✦✧

10 February, 2018

Director: Craig Gillespie
Screenwriter: Steven Rogers
Director of Photography: Nicolas Karakatsanis
Margot RobbieSebastian StanAllison Janney

Synopsis: The life and times of iconic figure skater Tonya Harding who made a name for herself as an athlete with exceptional talent and a brash, outspoken personality.

I Tonya Review:

A blast from the past with a charmingly contemporary edge, “I, Tonya” unpacks the tears behind the smile and the sass beyond the style in a sharply ironic fashion, giving us a tale of forced perfectionism and brash talent in a film that far exceeds the beats of an off-the-shelf biopic. Creatively authentic and dedicated to its subject matter, the movie worships the imperfections of its key characters, turning real life idiosyncrasies into cinematic candy with unending comedic potential and merging them with dynamic skate scenes that jump off the screen with icy vigour.

Funny yet unafraid to unpack the madness behind bumps and bruises, “I, Tonya” pokes fun at skewed morals while sympathising with its downtrodden hero, offsetting disadvantage with a supreme talent that provides hope for a young girl with an uncertain future. Understood as both a blessing and a curse, Tonya’s relationship with professional figure skating is both doomed and accentuated by her oafish manner, curdling near-perfect routines which hit the ice with a whirlwind of personal baggage that adds emotional weight to each flawlessly timed spin.

A bold, interpretative take on a story that could easily have split audiences down the middle, “I, Tonya” unites its viewers through comedy and flawless performance, capturing Margot Robbie at her most phenomenal while Allison Janney astounds as the insult-hurling mother forever waiting to drag her daughter back to reality. Quirky in ways that make a somewhat shocking story accessible, “I, Tonya” projects the essence of its focal character through music, costume, and a crooked sense of accomplishment, chilling viewers’ toes as the clash between ice and blade plays out in a true to life metaphor with the intensity of an all too real sports movie.


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