“The Commuter” Review ✦✦✧✧✧

16 January, 2018

Director: Jaume Collet-Serra
Screenwriters: Byron Willinger, Philip de Blasi, Ryan Engle
Director of Photography: Paul Cameron
Liam NeesonVera FarmigaPatrick Wilson

Synopsis: A recently laid off insurance salesman is put to the test after being tasked with locating an out of place train passenger who is concealing a vital piece of information with potentially deadly consequences.

The Commuter Review:

Further confirmation of Liam Neeson’s slow descent into typecasting hell, “Taken” on the Orient Express sees yet another mediocre outing from an actor with a so-so filmography, an unsurprising turn from a man determined to prove himself in the world of action while his soft Irish accent, gentle eyes, and dad bod say something entirely different. A film where the pieces fall into place in ways near impossible in the real world, “The Commuter” utilises patterns of cinema without plausibility, matching an absurdist narrative with B-movie seizure edits and giving us both “The Girl on the Train” without the melodrama and “Die Hard” without the machine gun hero.

Dissipating into a memory as fleeting as a high-speed express train, “The Commuter” delivers the thrills but fails to muster the stamina to overcome conceptual exhaustion. A film of convenience, schlock, and pseudo-intricacy, Jaume Collet-Serra’s latest ten-a-penny action movie is a crude abuser of artistic licence; an excuse for panic and violence with a spattering of clues leading to an obvious target. Poorly written and thinly cast with very few well-known faces with more than a day’s work under their belt, “The Commuter” is an excuse for a spectacular train crash, winding us on impact as crumpling metal and unfastened bodies leave viewers gasping in their seats, a slave to a high-concept premise with little staying power past its closing credits.


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