“Brigsby Bear” Review ✦✦✦✧✧

8 December, 2017

Director: Dave McCary
Screenwriters: Kevin CostelloKyle Mooney
Director of Photography: Christian Sprenger
Kyle MooneyMark HamillClaire Danes

Synopsis: A sheltered man abducted and raised by strangers claiming to be his parents struggles to adjust to life in the real world, retreating back to the comforts of a fictional television show which he hopes to transform into a feature film.

Brigsby Bear Review:

A metaphorical road movie with a heavy dose of sentimentalism, “Brigsby Bear” is an ode to filmmaking with a weakness for underdeveloped perspectives, an alternative to “Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter” with a similarly bonkers film-centric storyline. Overwhelmed by faces and places, the film highlights the absurdity of everyday conventions, questioning everything from music and movies to the need for family therapy. Reborn with an interest in a newly expanded universe, “Brigsby Bear” captures life at full force; drunk, drugged, sexually charged yet always naïve in its artistic pursuits.

Placed within a tale of abduction and obsession, the film throws a twist on the ‘nerd living in a basement’ stereotype, crafting something far weirder with a post-apocalyptic edge that exists solely within the mind of one man. A movie about the inexplicable essence of cult sensation set around a fabricated universe, “Brigsby Bear” finds itself ostracised by nature yet rarely fazed by the opinions of others, Googling how to make a movie and running with a theme, seeking art and answers in an alienating world where many of the pieces are still missing.

Built upon the kind of scandal that Daily Mail readers flock to with a boy brought into adulthood in complete isolation before being unleashed into the horrors of an all-out media frenzy, “Brigsby Bear” takes a lighter approach than one might expect, humanising its villains and retaining a soft spot for its previous life of solitude while assessing the very real mental health repercussions of turning someone’s entire world upside down. Stunted by its inability to readjust while also happy to accept the unique perspective of an individual sheltered from the challenges of adult life, the movie captures a unique performance from SNL regular Kyle Mooney who embraces the essence of The Lonely Island’s first serious endeavour which still manages to be amusing without cracking a single joke.


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