“Only the Brave” Review ✦✦✦✧✧

11 November, 2017

Director: Joseph Kosinski
Screenwriters: Ken Nolan, Eric Warren Singer
Director of Photography: Claudio Miranda
Josh BrolinMiles TellerJeff Bridges

Synopsis: The true story of a group of elite firefighters whose experience and training are put to the test while battling a deadly wildfire near Yarnell, Arizona.

Only the Brave Review:

A Mark Wahlberg-less disaster flick depicting a war without bullets in the western regions of the US, “Only the Brave” is a film presented in a familiar tone to previous biopics but one with a far graver sense of mourning for its characters than the average survival movie. Crushing but entirely honest about the individual fates of the twenty members of the Granite Mountain Hotshots, the film depicts brotherhood in various stages, seeing nothing but courageous fighters in the obituaries, photographs, and posthumous accounts of a team of red-blooded patriots and leaving viewers to decide whether or not an all-American attitude goes hand in hand with service and sacrifice.

Far from being a standard rescue mission and somewhat impaired by the unfathomable scale of its billowing devastation, “Only the Brave” hones in on the interpersonal spats of a virile troop, conveying the kind of immaturity that goes hand-in-hand with unfathomable risk as men with wives and children head straight for danger with nothing but practise, protocol, and a wild sense of humour to keep them safe. Quite literally fighting fire with fire, the movie sheds light and sheds tears, educating the uninformed on the ins and outs of wildfire stoppage while hiking towards a shattering tragedy.

Heart-breaking but unafraid to accept the devastating details, “Only the Brave” bows to the force of Mother Nature, fighting till the very end with hard hats and heavy hearts, proving that even the most qualified for the job put their lives at risk every day in professions built on the protection of everyday civilians. Conventional in its serving of challenge, survival, and Southern American tradition, “Only the Brave” alienates those unprepared to see past its gruff and unsophisticated set-up but, even for those numb to the film’s drama, it’s hard not to respond strongly to its battering conclusion.


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