“Cult of Chucky” Review ✦✦✧✧✧

30 October, 2017

Director: Don Mancini
Screenwriter: Don Mancini
Director of Photography: Michael Marshall
Fiona DourifBrad Dourif, Jennifer Tilly

Synopsis: Locked in a mental asylum after being framed for the slaughter of a her family, a wheelchair-bound paraplegic finds herself once again hunted by a sadistic doll possessed by the soul of a serial killer.

Cult of Chucky Review:

Handily located inside an institution with no cameras and a stockpile of Chucky therapy dolls, “Cult of Chucky” is exactly how one might expect the seventh instalment in a waning franchise to look – low on funds and made for the fans. Appealing to a pre-existing market whose disinterest in the nominality of such terrors earns the franchise its reputation, the movie struggles once again to overcome the sheer ridiculousness of its set-up, selling Chucky as a master comedian in a third-rate horror series while appealing almost exclusively to the cult market who cling to their Good Guy dolls while ferociously masturbating over Jennifer Tilly’s two minute cameos.

Let down by loud and ineffective jump scares, “Cult of Chucky” winds its audience with foul shots to the stomach as unearned scares yank viewers out of the action and blow raspberries in their face. Made to be laughed at but complicit in a way that alienates Chucky from the likes of Freddy, Jason, and Michael Myers, the film exudes a level of silliness that fits with the tone of the latter “Child’s Play” movies and yet it delivers everything but true horror as ‘Leprechaun syndrome’ undercuts the privileges of poetic license while keeping a safe distance away from a franchise-crippling origin story.

Miraculously finding more ways for a two-foot doll to corner and murder people, “Cult of Chucky” celebrates the wonders of make-up effects, delivering clunky kills in the best way possible while exploiting the convenience of an already confined setting. With idiot doctors explaining away everything as a form of social trauma or mass hysteria, the movie expands its universe to include a group of regular cast members, breaking free from its straitjacket and giving its foul-mouthed star reason to exist in a new form as yet another follow-up is suggested, reminding us of Chucky’s invincibility as the series’ primary attraction while promising to deliver more for the fans in the not too distant future.


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