“Jigsaw” Review ✦✦✦✧✧

27 October, 2017

Directors: Michael SpierigPeter Spierig
Screenwriters: Pete GoldfingerJosh Stolberg
Director of Photography: Ben Nott
Matt PassmoreTobin BellCallum Keith Rennie

Synopsis: Police hunt a copycat killer fascinated by the long deceased Jigsaw whose legacy lives on for those interested in his sadistic games of life or death.

Jigsaw Review:

A film made for a low audience bracket but one that excites and delights its pre-existing fan base with back-to-back thrills, gore, and a trail of blood leading to a potentially new suspect, “Jigsaw” is audience-rousing horror at its most wonderfully abhorrent, inducing laughter and groans in equal measure as grave errors in judgement produce the most gruesome of injuries. Exactly what one might expect from a “Saw” movie and chock-a-block with twists, turns, and idiotic characters, the film underscores the dangers of impulsive thinking, making an example out of its unwilling participants while ensuring that its viewers’ relationship with them remains on a surface level.

Benefitting greatly from a couple of startling plot twists, “Jigsaw” gives fans the jaw-drops they signed up for, overcoming its lack of charisma with unexpected revelatory moments turning the film’s entire narrational set-up on its head. Opening trap doors within doors as it burrows down into the butcher’s rabbit hole, the movie effortlessly becomes another crowd-pleaser in a franchise reliant on unsophisticated and often humorous appeal, lacking the joys of an original concept yet accepting its place as second-rate homage to an unforgettable cult classic.

Paracinematic silliness without the care and attention that comes with a serious work of art, “Jigsaw” misses out on the true suffering of the early “Saw” movies, suggesting in a rather blasé manner that communication isn’t affected by a severe injury which would leave most fighting for their life. Paling in comparison to the series’ finest but coming out strong when stacked up against seven movies of varying quality, “Jigsaw” recycles the iconic ‘Hello Zepp’ theme with pride, grabbing some popcorn along the way as it sits down to admire itself as a work of unnecessary yet riveting fan-fiction. If this is the death of cinema then count me in for the apocalypse.


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