“Lucky” Review ✦✦✦✦✧

9 October, 2017

Director: John Carroll Lynch
Screenwriters: Logan Sparks, Drago Sumonja
Director of Photography: Tim Suhrstedt
Harry Dean Stanton, David Lynch, Ron Livingston

Synopsis: Following an unexpected collapse in his home, a grouchy 90-year-old veteran reassesses the path his life has taken by interacting with the residents of his hometown.

Lucky Review:

Soul-stirring cinema at its most magical and unexpected, “Lucky” is an ode to the late, great Harry Dean Stanton whose disinterest in fame and fortune leaves him in the history books as a man of few words yet exceptional talent. Far from being a documentary, “Lucky” is a character study written to contemplate the existence of the most humble kind of cinematic legend, surrounding Stanton with friends and colleagues who bring out his warmth as well as his hilariously irritable temper.

Existing as a final love letter to the fans, “Lucky” is one of very few filmmaking miracles to come to fruition at a time when its lead actor is reaching a point of extreme contemplation, offering Harry Dean Stanton the perfect way to conclude his sixty year career by placing him back in the desert in a starring role that might as well take place in Paris, Texas. Adding a harmonica score to seal in the nostalgia, the movie brings out the natural richness of its landscape, lulling viewers into a state of drowsy meditation, while the scenery sighs along with its grouchy yet lovable protagonist.

A bittersweet farewell from the man who caught the hearts of multiple generations of cinemagoers, “Lucky” gives Harry Dean Stanton a suitably accomplished send-off, granting admirers a moment to tip their hats as Stanton’s final smile into the camera shatters the fourth wall, planting a single tear on the cheek of every audience member before an acting legend plods off into the distance. Outwardly predicting the death of an irreplaceable Hollywood legend, “Lucky” sees its 90-year-old star impart words of wisdom that can only be truly mournful after the fact, making it feel like he knew exactly what was around the corner, even when it was impossible to know for certain.


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