“12 Feet Deep” Review ✦✦✦✧✧

2 October, 2017

Director: Matt Eskandari
Screenwriters: Matt Eskandari, Michael Hultquist
Director of Photography: Byron Werner
Nora-Jane Noone, Alexandra Park, Tobin Bell

Synopsis: Two sisters who inadvertently become trapped under a fibreglass panel inside a public swimming pool must wrestle with their inner demons as they wait to be rescued while searching for a viable means of escape.

12 Feet Deep Review:

A crazy concept movie with an underlying message about the importance of compassion in times of crisis, “12 Feet Deep” is an unashamed melodrama trapped inside a claustrophobic deathtrap, allowing viewers to scoff at its bonkers premise as offhand bickering turns into an exercise in survival. Laughable in the abstract but disconcerting in the flesh, the film induces panic attacks without the need for sharks, dipping its toes in the water as it casually sinks under and blocks up all the escape routes.

Peeking out from below the surface with doggy-paddle camera angles triggering a survival instinct that makes you gasp for air, “12 Feet Deep” sees fear and exhaustion set in, half drowning its audience while glancing up from a terrifying position. Shivering and shouting as they struggle to escape from a man-made cage, the sisters scramble towards an impassable exit, working desperately to widen the pool’s air hole before the writers find convenient ways to swirl a stagnant plot into a straight-up psycho-thriller.

A mindful journey without any physical distance travelled, “12 Feet Deep” gives its characters something to live for, rekindling a relationship ripped apart by jealously, depression, and unspoken grief by forcing them to talk about their feelings under pressure. Stripping back its stars, drenching their hair and removing their make-up, the movie feels unambitious, relying on just a handful of raw performances to carry the show before granting its characters the key to survival.


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