“The Circle” Review ✦✧✧✧✧

17 September, 2017

Director: James Ponsoldt
Screenwriters: James Ponsoldt, Dave Eggers
Director of Photography: Matthew Libatique
Emma Watson, Tom Hanks, John Boyega

Synopsis: A tale of extreme technological advancement in the near-future centred on a tech company whose vested interest in a new form of social surveillance challenges contemporary notions of privacy.

The Circle Review:

A film without depth, a film without substance, a film without soul, a film without patience, a film without character or context or chic, a film that should think before it should speak. A film where ethics are no longer prized, a film where connection becomes paralysed, a film of stalkers and yes-men and lies, a film where faith is technologised. Void of connection, projected on screens, with no wit or humour to carry its scenes, “The Circle” is everywhere with seats at ringside yet meagre conclusions to carry its pride as empty promises and Communist lies are wasted on viewers with dread in their eyes.

This is the world that nobody craves, a world of cameras and sensors and raves where superficial advancement brings disaster not comfort, and creative black holes are filled with false triumph. A surveillance circus without a good meme to offset the horrors of its social media scheme, “The Circle” is perverse millennial desire, captured on smartphones not short of a buyer as discretion is hailed as a thing of the past and in-vision text descends en masse.

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The Circle