“Patti Cake$” Review ✦✦✦✦✧

30 August, 2017

Director: Geremy Jasper
Screenwriter: Geremy Jasper
Director of Photography: Federico Cesca
Danielle Macdonald, Bridget Everett, Siddharth Dhananjay

Synopsis: A would-be rapper with the odds stacked against her hunts for a way to showcase her talents, attempting to create a hit with the help of friends and family while trying to convince her deadbeat mother that her dreams are worth pursuing.

Patti Cakes Review:

A film styled with attitude and ambition, “Patti Cake$” earns the dollar sign in its title, spitting rhymes with the passion of raw indie filmmaking yet miraculously finding a place onstage without a known cast or director. Fully dependent on the popularity of its catchy concept, the movie sells tickets on the door and captivates from the moment it drops a beat, glistening with gold chains around its neck as pipe dreams become reality in both the micro and the macro, showcasing previously unseen acting talent while giving their on-screen counterparts more than enough to go wild about.

A hypnotic and courageous addition to a rather uniform cinematic sub-genre, “Patti Cake$” sees true filmic diversity, refusing to put its struggling artist on a pedestal above the rest as she dares to challenge her critics face-on, smothering them with talent and self-made confidence. Part comedy, part music movie, with a dash of inner-city romance, the film uses its antiheroes as puzzle pieces within a bigger picture, allowing Patti’s alcoholic mother to hit her high note before the credits roll and giving everyone something to chew on in a fiction that becomes reality through its killer soundtrack.

Intrigued by the American Dream but wary of its fanciful promise, “Patti Cake$” develops a soft spot for realistic aspirations, aiming for the top but always truthful about the unexpected ways that opportunity knocks. Often beaten down by judgement but consistently focused on personal fulfilment, the film works towards the beginning of Patti’s story, craving a deep urban energy while making way for her pure scene-stealing flair. This isn’t “Million Dollar Baby”, “Black Swan” or “Flashdance”, this is Killa P and her band of misfits here to give us something we hadn’t even realised we were missing.


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