“Hounds of Love” Review ✦✦✦✦✧

1 August, 2017

Director: Ben Young
Screenwriter: Ben Young
Director of Photography: Michael McDermott
Emma Booth, Ashleigh Cummings, Stephen Curry

Synopsis: Australian thriller about a teenager lured into danger by a deranged and deadly couple who get a kick out of kidnapping and murdering young girls.

Hounds of Love Review:

A stark and boorish yet consistently artistic take on an overused plot line, “Hounds of Love” is a wonderfully unique rebranding of the classic kidnap slasher, utilising a cinematographic palette that John Carpenter would’ve given his right arm for during the “Halloween” days and picking a vulnerable target. Marvellously bold and admirable as a sickening work of art, the movie sedates Time yet keeps the camera moving, relaying a common kind of suburban ignorance with eerie panning shots and ultra-slow-mo peering into private property and casting a dark shadow over a sunlit surface.

Intellectually conceived but never afraid to shy away from the gross and detestable, writer-director Ben Young creates a highbrow thriller out of pristine lenses and woozy sound design, redefining the flagrance of torture porn by offsetting swollen faces and bruised bodies with the depressive compassion of Joy Division’s ‘Atmosphere’. Bursting with talent and seeking the beauty in outright sadism, Young perversifies the quant and virginal, picking his unsuspecting lamb and showcasing his Miike-esque fascination the inherent violence of visual artistry.

Like “Natural Born Killers” but fuelled by an even more orgasmic and transient high than Mickey and Mallory’s glorified killing spree, “Hounds of Love” delivers the true Manson edge to molestation and murder as an abusive beta male and his emotionally mangled lover ignite a passion in the fires of hell. Utilising the arresting presence of model-turned-actress Emma Booth while giving her the “Monster” treatment and rendering her practically unrecognisable, the film captures an air of beauty behind its damaged and dowdy star, sympathising with her villainous plight while also suggesting that evil hides in the hearts of those most indifferent towards suffering.


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Hounds of Love