“47 Meters Down” Review ✦✦✦✧✧

27 July, 2017

Director: Johannes Roberts
Screenwriters: Johannes Roberts, Ernest Riera
Director of Photography: Mark Silk
Mandy Moore, Claire Holt, Matthew Modine

Synopsis: While vacationing in Mexico after an unexpected break-up, a woman and her adventurous sister decide to go cage diving on a rickety boat but are left fighting for their lives after an accident sends them hurtling into shark-infested waters.

47 Meters Down Review:

B-movie heaven plucked from the twisted mind of British horror hound Johannes Roberts, “47 Meters Down” is a throwaway yet immersive underwater ordeal that’s written to stir even the most passive of late-night watchers while truly testing the limits of the everyday aquaphobe. Beginning with a beachside bonanza involving drinks, dancing, and late-night smooches, the film puts the “Hostel” technique to the test with a tempting invite from a pair of handsome strangers changing the fate of two easily swayed tourists. Scrounging for reasons to throw scantily clad women into the mouth of a shark and miraculously succeeding with the help of a rusty cage and an incompetent boat crew, the film explicitly tracks the course of its narrative with key checkpoints marking each stage in the tourists’ fast descent into hell.

Served with a gnarly suspense palette and pumped full of adrenaline with the threat of suffocation, narcosis, and underwater butchery consistently poised for action, “47 Meters Down” is a bona fide thrill ride with jagged fins and sharp teeth concocting the most chilling kind of jump scares while viewers frantically curl their toes and shield their eyes in helpless terror. Made to torture selachophobes with first-person perspectives and pant-soiling jaw snaps, the movie peers into the water’s murky depths with early foreshadowing laying the groundwork for a frantic nightmare set to happen under the very worst of circumstances.

Kicking into survival mode from the moment the cage hits the ocean floor, “47 Meters Down” treats bad decisions as part of the horror package with its ill-fated yet determined stars acting as bait to be nibbled on and chased while their oxygen tanks slowly deplete under the immense pressure of deep sea endurance. While the battle between thrill-seeking and fear plays out through the squabbles of its one-dimensional protagonists, the film opts for functionality over sophistication, predictably seeking shock over believability by offering its leading ladies up for the slaughter and leaving invested viewers gasping for air in the darkness as they struggle to process the aftershocks of a truly bittersweet finale.


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