“Get Me Roger Stone” Review

12 July, 2017

Directors: Dylan Bank, Daniel DiMauro, Morgan Pehme
Screenwriters: Dylan Bank, Daniel DiMauro, Morgan Pehme
Starring: Roger Stone, Donald Trump, Tucker Carlson

Synopsis: The story of infamous lobbyist Roger Stone who has been present at almost every key event in American politics for the past half a century and whose voter-swaying tactics seemingly aided Trump in winning the presidency.

Get Me Roger Stone Review:

An essential documentary about the art of infamy and the unspoken backbone of politics, “Get Me Roger Stone” is an honest, daring, and oftentimes amusing account of one man’s bombastic rise to prominence following an extensive career as a political influencer. Known for summarising his success in a series of guidelines referred to as ‘Stone’s Rules’, the film allows Roger Stone to deconstruct his own career, inviting him to attract rebuttal and outrage while he continues to enjoy the lavish lifestyle that his shady profession has afforded him.

A crucial example of the clash between common sense and constitution, “Get Me Roger Stone” silently judges the ethics of a popular lobbyist while ensuring that his crookedness is matched solely by his likeability as a political caricature. No less outrageous than Trump and uncannily similar in both assertiveness and demeanour, Stone becomes the central deflector in a refreshingly unbiased documentary which hails him as the defamer of the Democrats while simultaneously mocking everything he stands for as a man blatantly writing himself into the history books.

A political prodigy born to whisper in the ears of politicians yet destined to live in the shadows as an outsider to the establishment, Roger Stone embraces the power of animosity as critics fund his production through vehement opposition while increasingly more outrageous opportunities present themselves within the political sphere. Playing by the rules yet searching for cracks in the system, Stone is present at every stage of the game, convincing candidates to run, getting them elected, and becoming their right-hand man while outwardly declaring nothing but selfish intentions. Schmoozing his words and posing for the cameras, the documentary highlights Stone’s search for headlines and attention and yet if there’s anything that his actions truly come to represent it’s that the American Dream is built on the kind of ambition that can only be achieved by a master manipulator.


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