“Baby Driver” Review ✦✦✦✧✧

21 June, 2017

Director: Edgar Wright
Screenwriter: Edgar Wright
Director of Photography: Bill Pope
Ansel Elgort, Lily James, Kevin Spacey

Synopsis: A getaway driver with a love for music attempts to trade a life of crime for a starry-eyed romance but his boss has other plans after a new heist presents itself.

Baby Driver Review:

A movie with a smooth beat and a rockin’ temperament, “Baby Driver” sees a fresh turn from Cornetto trilogy mastermind Edgar Wright who finds the same quirks in new places while on the hunt for bolder and more brazen concepts. Utilising a suave gimmick that grows old but stays bold as Ansel Elgort slips in the earbuds and jams to the usual hits, the film scours through the cinematic lexicon, skipping like “La La Land” and speeding like “Bullitt” as Wright flips through pages of film history with the enthusiasm of a proud father-to-be.

Producing the aptly-titled ‘Baby’ as the star of his latest project, Edgar Wright channels dozens of ideas through one character, sculpting a poor man’s Ryan Gosling out of a cherub-faced heartthrob. Undoubtedly a strange choice for such an enigmatic role, Elgort defies convention, switching from stone-faced to jovial in an instant as romance repaints the colours of a familiar narrative. Producing his own brand of charisma yet plagued by an unsightly filmography, Elgort is both the best and the worst in a film reliant on a bittersweet chain of events, breaking through the mould while Wright struggles to redefine his star image.

As the director zooms off into the sunset with a fondness for his past ventures, “Baby Driver” stays firmly within his quirky cinematic universe, allowing sudden splurges of violence to remind viewers who’s sitting behind the camera while true fans devour the scenery like hot treacle. Informed by decades of heist and getaway movies yet never quite matching the genre-bending formalities of classics like “Heat” or “The Italian Job”, “Baby Driver” stays tirelessly formulaic where necessary and it isn’t long before unseen bank robberies, high-speed car chases, and numbskull lawbreakers start to feel like mere backdrop in a movie that trades crime for fleeting compassion.


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