“Roof Culture Asia” Review ✦✦✦✦✧

18 June, 2017

Directors of Photography: Sacha Powell, Giles Visive, Toby Segar, Ryan Lovejoy
Editing: Toby Segar, Sacha Powell
Callum Powell, Sacha Powell, Max Cave, Benj Cave, Drew Taylor, Joshua Burnett-Blake, Toby Segar

Synopsis: UK parkour team Storror take on Asia in an intense all-access documentary, performing daring stunts across the rooftops of Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Seoul.

Roof Culture Asia Review:

A unique treat for newbies and novices alike, “Roof Culture Asia” sees Storror shining a light on both the tussles and triumphs of parkour in an intensely focused account of a sport in desperate need of big screen exposure. Presenting an epic two hour scoop which soars beyond the boundaries set by YouTube and Instagram, the film materialises as a truly cinematic take on parkour magic, jumping through Asia’s urban spaces with clean edits, spectacular drone shots, and GoPros at their niftiest and most discreet.

Ensuring that self-doubt finds little footing on asphalt or slate, “Roof Culture Asia” emphasises teamwork in a one-man game, nurturing Storror as both a brand and a family and depicting friendship, brotherhood, and allegiance alongside fierce determination. As the team pull together in support while allowing one another to flourish as individuals, the movie out-jumps Storror’s viral hits, completing impossible stunts across skyscrapers, beams, and ledges while in constant avoidance of local police.

An informative and exciting documentary that’s as expressive as it is educational, “Roof Culture Asia” underscores the importance of knowing your limits, showing years of practice as mere precursor to the blood, sweat, and tears that comes with travel and training as security alarms, tiny hotel rooms, and unbearable heatstroke push Storror to achieve their dreams. Exhilarated by impossible jumps and endless chases, the gang find peace in a new continent as they master Asia with all that they can muster, exuding humility and humbleness while at their most fearful and allowing their most loyal fans to become engrossed in their behind-the-scenes endeavours.


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