“A Ghost Story” Review ✦✦✦✦✦

6 June, 2017

Director: David Lowery
Screenwriter: David Lowery
Director of Photography: Andrew Droz Palermo
Casey Affleck, Rooney Mara, Kesha

Synopsis: A man killed in a freak accident returns home as a ghost, shunning the afterlife in the vain hope of reconnecting with his wife whose grief seems only temporary in his displaced existence.

A Ghost Story Review:

A film as pure as it is profoundly heart-breaking, “A Ghost Story” is a tale of letting go during times of stifling nostalgia and it’s spoken through the inflections of a wistful director whose brutal pangs of grief cling to the scenery with the weight of a classical tragedy. Beautiful without sentiment and tragic with coarseness, “A Ghost Story” depicts the hopeless search for meaning in an immortal existence where Time delivers nothing but disillusionment, depression, and loneliness to those who hold on for too long.

A horror without tension and a romance without passion, “A Ghost Story” is graphic only in inference, replacing explicit lovemaking with an intimate midnight embrace and trading string-score hauntings for frustrated bumps in the night. Contextualising horror and translating it into tangible melancholia, writer-director David Lowery finds profundity in the simplest of moments, pushing himself to aesthetic, aural, and temporal extremes while squeezing viewers through a boxed portal where life and death coexist for those left behind.

Hopelessly alone under the ruffles of his stark costume, Casey Affleck fulfils a crude but vital role as the supernatural presence whose yearning for a life he no longer possesses contains him in an unforgiving dimension where language cannot be spoken and love cannot be felt. Delivering a pained performance from behind the sheet, Affleck gestures without speech and divulges without expression, ensuring that his burdened presence speaks volumes without uttering a single audible word and putting himself at the centre of an unmatchable love story which can only exist from beyond the grave.


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