“The Red Pill” Review ✦✦✦✦✧

3 June, 2017

Director: Cassie Jaye 
Producers: Cassie Jaye, Nena Jaye, Anna Laclergue
Paul Elam, Darrah Lemontre, Karen Straughan

Synopsis: An exploration of the Men’s Rights Movement seen through the eyes of a sceptical feminist who begins to reassess her beliefs after uncovering the horrific backstories that pushed the group into existence.

The Red Pill Review:

A rabbit hole documentary about the global conspiracy that we all failed to see, “The Red Pill” is a compelling film about the illusion of choice in a world where inherited gender roles have carved an unbalanced society. Envisioned with opposing intentions yet emerging as a stark account of misunderstood oppressors and silent victims, “The Red Pill” allows the grass to wither on both sides as Cassie Jaye’s empathy for the teachings of classical liberalism leads her to a new and shocking conclusion about the objectification of men in a success-based world.

A sceptical movie for pro-dialogue progressives, “The Red Pill” isn’t the MRA manifesto that everyone presumes it to be, it’s a desperate plea for conversation in a time of crippling political correctness. Eye-opening for the uninitiated and informative for the pre-warned, the movie documents the many biases of contemporary feminism while unpacking the frustrations that have led to the emergence of a widely denounced alternative; a movement which has found traction in response to the missteps of a supposedly liberal movement.

Biting in its assessment of the all-encompassing nature of suffering and vital in its depiction of subjective oppression, “The Red Pill” retains multiple perspectives, showing both the glass ceiling and the glass cellar in an anecdotal but compelling manner. Reinforcing personal perspectives with incontestable figures, from male suicide rates to paternal injustice, the film does more than simply preaching to the choir as its fascinating deconstruction of the many fallacies that go into third-wave feminism emerges on the other side with a rare appreciation for both corners of the argument.


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