“Snatched” Review ✦✦✧✧✧

24 May, 2017

Director: Jonathan Levine
Screenwriter: Katie Dippold
Director of Photography: Florian Ballhaus
Amy Schumer, Goldie Hawn, Wanda Sykes

Synopsis: After being dumped by her boyfriend and fired from her job, a carefree woman invites her mother on a vacation to Ecuador where they are unexpectedly lured into a trap and held for ransom by bandits.

Snatched Review:

Another insubstantial comedy caper from America’s most polarising stand-up, “Snatched” is an Ace Ventura-style adventure which sees a kidnapping set the tone for a string of forgettable escapades. Spewed out like more of a train wreck than its aptly-titled predecessor, the film allows Amy Schumer and ageing comedienne Goldie Hawn to team-up as the unsightly duo behind the part-pulp, part-improvised “Snatched” where ugliness exudes from a script that fails on all accounts to justify the most tiresome of plot points.

While viewers struggle to adjust to Goldie Hawn’s new face after her fifteen year hiatus, “Snatched” finds something far more hideous through the presence of Amy Schumer as her obsession with bodily functions and untamed vaginas creates a cringe-worthy alternative to the age-old dick joke. Refusing to stray away from her own insecurities, Schumer finds pseudo-empowerment in self-ridicule as her poofy face, tramp stamp, and unwashed private parts become the butt of a string of jokes revolving around her unending lack of confidence.

Although some jokes go straight for the funny bone as the actress retains proficiency with the occasional sight gag, her ability to tickle out laughs by spitting up wine and exposing her breast is rendered almost meaningless when placed within such a ridiculous story. Leaving her septuagenarian sidekick to figure out the ways of contemporary comedy, Schumer allows viewers to fall asleep during a sluggish second act as fart jokes are replaced with jungle chaos in the lead up to a predictable pre-packaged mother-daughter finale. For the vast majority, “Snatched” is a dumb bit of fun but for those looking for a memorable night out it’s an utter disaster.


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