“Alien: Covenant” Review ✦✦✧✧✧

12 May, 2017

Director: Ridley Scott
Screenwriters: John Logan, Dante Harper 
Director of Photography: Dariusz Wolski
Michael Fassbender, Katherine Waterston, Billy Crudup

Synopsis: While transporting thousands of embryos and colonists across the galaxy, a space crew inadvertently put their entire mission in jeopardy after discovering a seemingly habitable planet where an airborne virus awaits a new host.

Alien Covenant Review:

Part two of Ridley Scott’s newly-envisioned revamp and by far the most patience-testing instalment in the “Alien” series thus far, “Alien: Covenant” is the year’s most bruised Sci-Fi with its swollen screenplay requiring more perseverance than brainpower as the father of the xenomorph fails to deliver another crucial chapter within his tattered backstory. Where “Prometheus” was keen to establish the answers behind a host of unaddressed questions, “Alien: Covenant” finds little reason to opt for sophistication as its desire to retain the beats of a bungled B-movie suffocates the real truth behind its latest search for meaning.

Determined to deliver the goods on the largest scale possible, Scott indulges fans with obligatory references and predictable pathways as the same old story plays out with a ludicrous new angle while the crew emerge from the safety of their ship without helmets, quarantine training, or an ounce of common sense. Drunk on power and swilling in the filth of ambition, “Covenant” gives the “Prometheus” complainers a new target to direct their anger towards as the plight of the film’s idiotic crew steals precious minutes away from its chief villain who finally reaches his true potential by putting his masterplan into motion.

Burning previous drafts and trying desperately to tie up all loose ends, Scott closes the door on “Prometheus” as the “Cube Zero” of the Alien franchise envisions an alternative blueprint for the story while it tries rather feebly to accommodate a new batch of characters. With a cast comprised almost entirely of C-List lookalikes whose A-List counterparts would’ve fared much better in the long run, “Alien: Covenant” makes its biggest error with the casting of Katherine Waterston whose place as the poor man’s Brie Larson feels like sheer mockery in a series bolstered so greatly by the presence of its badass leading ladies.


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