“Unlocked” Review ✦✦✦✧✧

8 May, 2017

Director: Michael Apted
Screenwriter: Peter O’Brien
Director of Photography: George Richmond
Noomi Rapace, Orlando Bloom, Michael Douglas

Synopsis: A government interrogator who specialises in intercepting terrorist operations finds herself reliving the trauma of past invents after she inadvertently feeds information to the wrong side before the outbreak of a chemical attack.

Unlocked Review:

A gripping response to Europe’s very real wave of devastation, “Unlocked” sees a less outlandish alternative to last year’s “London Has Fallen” as a distinctly British action movie shuns the patriotic values held by its Hollywood counterparts while it reclaims the power stolen by bigger and badder movies. Finding inspiration in all-out conspiracy while avoiding the predictability of last year’s terrorsploitation stinkers, “Unlocked” is less narrow-minded than its predecessors although equally farcical as it filters pressing threats into bizarre twists and turns, allowing terror to find fertile ground while riddling the cast with bullets and refusing to perform CPR.

Capitalising on tangible fears, “Unlocked” exploits the emotion behind terror as nods made to recent attacks stain the film’s palette with blood, reminding viewers of the most defining strikes in recent memory while opening up to the even more terrifying prospect of biological warfare. Presenting brief yet intense re-enactments of successfully executed terrorist attacks, the movie begins on a daring note but refuses to follow through on its politics as the truth behind modern terrorism falls by the wayside to allow for a convenient new angle.

While Orlando Bloom and Michael Douglas fulfil the conditions of their limited contracts, leading writers to resort to one of the most ridiculous on-screen deaths of the year, good guys Toni Collette and John Malkovich deliver the performances necessary to make sense of the film’s whimsical notions of public dissonance in a forgettable but thrilling big screen rendition of a made-for-TV crime plot. More notable than all of the cast combined, the wonderful Noomi Rapace fights back in a demanding and determined role, reemerging after a sparse few years and looking better than ever as the agent responsible for the film’s central predicament yet the one who ultimately steps up to save the day.


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