“Alien” Review ✦✦✦✦✧

28 April, 2017

Year of Release: 1979
Ridley Scott
Dan O’Bannon
Director of Photography: 
Derek Vanlint
Sigourney Weaver, John Hurt, Ian Holm

Synopsis: A group of explorers travelling back to earth in a commercial vessel inadvertently bring chaos onto their spacecraft after responding to an apparent distress signal which leads them directly into the habitat of a savage extra-terrestrial.

Alien Review:

An atmospheric marvel expelled from the mind of an ambitious cult screenwriter, “Alien” trudges through the inner workings of terror, absorbing and excreting fear as the creators confine a monster inside the structures of a hurtling spacecraft. Shamelessly dated yet timelessly effective, the movie ducks and dives its way through a “Silent Running” aesthetic as Ridley Scott combines the beeps and boops of vintage technology with organic practical effects and a flesh and blood film set.

While the Nostromo dances through space, the late Jerry Goldsmith composes the sounds of exploration and intrigue, hinting with Hitchcockian accuracy at the nightmare on the horizon before a crucial discovery alters the crew’s course, leading them into a spider’s web where leathery eggs open to reveal a terrifying fate. As a landmark Sci-Fi and a classic horror movie, “Alien” finds reason to delight in the peculiarities of extra-terrestrial life as researchers prod and poke at their finding like surgeons performing open heart surgery. The results are regrettably unrewarding for the humble explorers as a breach of quarantine leads to total meltdown, making everyone expendable as Mother Nature turns on her favourite species, allowing their fates to match that of a limping deer chased by a leopard.

Peppering neat clues about the movie’s trajectory through the competence and incompetence of its characters, “Alien” sets the benchmark for the female action hero as Ripley’s response during times of crisis proves to be more level-headed than the entire team combined. Constantly let down by the weakness of her tribe, Ripley watches in horror as the most vulnerable and least precautious characters pay for their mistakes with their own blood; stalked, tormented, captured, and grotesquely butchered before her eyes by a seemingly perfect predator.


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