“The Lost City of Z” Review ✦✦✦✧✧

29 March, 2017

Director: James Gray
Screenwriter: James Gray
Director of Photography: Darius Khondji  
Charlie Hunnam, Robert Pattinson, Sienna Miller

Synopsis: The story of Colonel Percy Fawcett; a British explorer who discovers evidence of an advanced civilisation and vows to uncover what he believes to be a hidden city situated in the heart of the Amazon.

Lost City of Z Review:

A traditional biopic with a tremendous story to tell, “The Lost City of Z” is a tale of rigid goals and ruthless ambition in which Colonel Percy Fawcett and a small team of surveyors venture out into unchartered territory and return with unbelievable findings. Anticipating the backlash that comes with challenging an entire empire’s belief in Christian history, the movie finds cowardice in high places as snobbery and fearfulness push Fawcett into proving the unprovable, leading him onto a mission that shapes the path of his entire adult life.

Seeming less farfetched and more palpable upon each journey, the missions provide crucial moments of peace and understanding between contrasting civilisations as Fawcett puts his respect for the jungle into practice while the least survival savvy run in the opposite direction. Recreating a mission that even the most hardcore of explorers were barely cut out for, “The Lost City of Z” shows the importance of mental strength in times of great uncertainty as war rages and fathers leave their homes with no guarantee of a safe return.

Sacrificing a comfortable family life for the disease and sickness of the Amazon, Fawcett trades precious years of existence for something out of reach, finding peace in the promise of discovery yet only reaching true spirituality through the acceptance of his own futility. While the message is undoubtedly powerful, “The Lost City of Z” fails to be consistently thrilling, occasionally matching the staying power of its bittersweet ending through face paint and arrows but mostly finding James Gray’s ‘strictly business’ approach to storytelling to be incompatible with its thirst for answers that are beyond the realm of everyday understanding.


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The Lost City of Z