“Power Rangers” Review ✦✧✧✧✧

24 March, 2017

Director: Dean Israelite
Screenwriter: John Gatins
Director of Photography: Matthew J. Lloyd 
Elizabeth Banks, Bryan Cranston, Becky G.

Synopsis: Five small-town teens with their own unique set of strengths and weaknesses gain superhuman powers and are tasked with protecting the planet in the wake of a catastrophic alien invasion.

Power Rangers Review:

A movie entirely summarised by its promotional materials but one that’s likely to make millions of dollars more than it ever deserved, “Power Rangers” is a mighty morphin mess from Lionsgate who show their true colours in a movie that plays out like a two hour toy commercial. Targeting kids but relying on the pennies of fully grown adults to turn a profit, “Power Rangers” is adapted seriously but rendered laughably as cringeworthy performances and sliced up fantasy suck out its heart and leave nothing but a charred pile of nothingness in its place.

A colour-coded nightmare spewed directly from the gates of studio hell, “Power Rangers” is a thoroughly chewed up action movie with chopped, hacked, and sauteed ideas that tumble onto the screen with selfish intentions, targeting a naïve and unsophisticated audience who throw money into the pot with nothing on their minds but a fondness for the memories of their youth. Hurling initial concepts into the blender and watching them trickle out the other side, the creators stand back and allow nostalgia to do the legwork as skimmed backstories and disastrous special effects attempt to replace a series already known for its cheesy storylines and goofy characters.

Although silliness comes naturally to a Power Rangers production, this latest debacle is an exercise in big budget chaos as outrageous product placement and Jedi training sequences soak up precious minutes, leaving the characters suitless until the final act where they finally come together to face the infamous Rita Repulsa. Armed with a golden staff and joined by her homemade diarrhoea monster, Elizabeth Banks gives a Razzie-worthy performance as the malicious humanoid while the makers ensure that she barely gets a chance to breathe on the characters before they conveniently smack her back into the cosmos. Don’t hold your breath that she’ll stay there. They’re making five more movies.


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