“There Will Be Blood” Review ✦✦✦✦✧

5 March, 2017

Year of Release: 2007
Paul Thomas Anderson
Paul Thomas Anderson
Director of Photography: 
Robert Elswit
Daniel Day-Lewis, Paul Dano, 
Ciarán Hinds

Synopsis: The tale of ruthless oilman Daniel Plainview; an ambitious miner whose endless greed during California’s oil boom both creates an empire and destroys his relationship with his only son.

There Will Be Blood Review:

A story drained from the most covetous regions of American history, “There Will Be Blood” is a murky tale of toe-treading ambition, grasping loosely at accounts from the early 20th century and turning them into a one-man-epic bred from the deepest and most sociopathic strain of greed. Paul Thomas Anderson’s elaborate anecdote of oil boom prosperity is spun from truth but its fiction puts a face to years of uncapped wealth, constructing a character who turns to a viscous black liquid in the ground for all answers, finding morality in relation to affluence and proliferation rather than traditional principles of virtue.

Sucking the land dry at an alarming rate, Daniel Plainview finds the Devil in the depths of the earth, ploughing through untouched land with little regard for his fellow man and making enemies out of all competitors including a local charlatan who challenges Plainview’s position by drilling into the soul of the community. Delivering animated sermons that seek to undermine the presence of the oil wells, Eli preaches fear in times of great unease, creating a war between himself and a man who will stop at nothing to soak up every last drop of oil under their feet.

Ensuring that Daniel’s first and final moments are experienced in abnormal seclusion, the movie suggests oh-so brazenly that success comes at a price that’s unpayable with a cash fortune, rendering a man who built an empire ultimately penniless due to his lack of compassion for those around him. Although Daniel’s humanity is missing from the very beginning, it’s only in the final moments of milkshake madness that the film closes the coffin on a life of extreme triumph and endless malice; a life of burned bridges with a fading bloodline that’s severed before the oilman even reaches his grave.


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