“The Founder” Review ✦✦✦✧✧

19 February, 2017

Director: John Lee Hancock
Screenwriter: Robert Siegel
Director of Photography: John Schwartzman
Cast: Michael Keaton, Laura Dern, Patrick Wilson

Synopsis: The true story of businessman Ray Kroc who discovered McDonald’s in the 1950s and transformed it from a locally-owned fast food restaurant into a global franchise worth billions of dollars.

The Founder Review:

A tale of big business and ruthless ambition, “The Founder” is an unethical but true account of extreme greed and great profit in the world of fast food franchising. Honest and slimy in its depiction of the cruelty behind commercial success, the movie recounts several key stages in the birth of the McDonald’s restaurant chain as real-life man with a plan Ray Kroc stumbles across the early beginnings of fast food and gets to work building his empire upon the foundations set by the humble and short-sighted Richard and Maurice McDonald.

Formed with meek intentions, the restaurant becomes a global brand through severe displacement as a dedicated entrepreneur uproots the brothers’ initial concept, stepping on the toes of the weak as he scrambles his way to the top, providing a service for the country while lining his pockets with billions of dollars. A little too neat around the edges at times, “The Founder” is recounted with the well-orderedness of a standard biopic but it’s held together by a wonderfully callous lead performance from Michael Keaton who thrives off Ray Kroc’s unscrupulous attitude.

“The Founder” is a dog eat dog story, relaying the ugly truth with a protagonist who’s as much a villain as he is a corporate hero. Like a day spent eating nothing but McDonald’s cheeseburgers, the movie leaves a foul taste in your mouth but its indigestibility is a mere symptom of its upfront storytelling as it tricks you into backing a flawed protagonist who does all the right things for all the wrong reasons, getting everything he wants in the worst and most self-servicing way possible.


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