“Almost Adults” Review ✦✦✧✧✧

14 February, 2017

Director: Sarah Rotella
Screenwriter: Adrianna DiLonardo
Director of Photography: Ryan Glover
Elise Bauman, Natasha Negovanlis

Synopsis: Two best friends on the cusp of adulthood struggle to maintain their friendship after one of them ends a long-term relationship and the other comes out as a lesbian.

Almost Adults Review:

Tolerable when viewed with friends but held back by lacklustre performances and a bland storyline, “Almost Adults” is the kind of sleepover entertainment that online audiences flock to but its reliance on a niche viewership is immediately apparent in its lack of artistic flair. The film’s absence of imagination is surprising given the comedic talents of Sarah Rotella and Adrianna DiLonardo who frequently discuss LGBT topics on their YouTube channel, sharing hilarious stories while commenting on the awkward ins and outs of dating, sex, and relationships within the lesbian community.

“Almost Adults” feels surprisingly detached from the makers’ lively online content, playing out like a clichéd web series in which two friends overreact to a number of trivial life changes without agreeing to compromise on their emotions. With a lack of narrative drive and some shaky line delivery, the movie relies on the over-performance of sexuality to patch up its low production values but there’s a limit to how many plaid shirts can be thrown in the direction of its protagonist before the bloated running time becomes painfully apparent.

Aside from the amusing nods made to tumblr girlfriends, veganism, and overenthusiastic liberal parenting, “Almost Adults” never fully grasps the nuance of its various phases which is a shame given the usual competency of its creators whose views on topics ranging from the public transformation of Kristen Stewart to the expectations and reality of lesbian relationships appeal to their fandom a lot more than a failed friendship drama. Made to look like a high school movie complete with a stereotypical gay best friend, red party cups, and scenes relying on text messages to build character development, “Almost Adults” tries too hard to be a full length movie when it would’ve been better off released in bite-size segments as another short-lived web series.


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