“Manchester by the Sea” Review ✦✦✦✦✧

10 January, 2017

Director: Kenneth Lonergan
Screenwriter: Kenneth Lonergan
Director of Photography: Jody Lee Lipes
Cast: Casey Affleck, Michelle Williams, Kyle Chandler

Synopsis: A janitor seeking out a humble existence after a life-altering tragedy travels to a different town where he is informed about the death of his brother and called on to be the guardian of his teenage nephew.

Manchester by the Sea Review:

A calm and composed movie framed around the fuzzy reality of a broken-hearted man, “Manchester by the Sea” is a truly contemporary kind of melodrama and its serene and often comedic notes mark a greater meaning that’s inaccessible to a more hurried screenwriter. Dished out in bite-sized chunks, the film sees expert director Kenneth Lonergan seeking out the bigger picture yet fixating his talents on the small and the unspoken. It’s a remarkably human approach, allowing him to present the space in-between tragedy while also making us feel like we’ve experienced every second of the story first-hand.

Possessed by the numbness caused by severe heartbreak, “Manchester by the Sea” sees Casey Affleck mumble and shrug his way through an award-winning performance as a man screaming on the inside yet barely able to muster a whisper in front of those who care to listen the most. Lonergan allows the burden of death to fall on his protagonist and his insularity only makes his actions more impactful as the story moves in different directions without ever feeling erratic or misplaced.

Always out to delay the events within the larger narrative as long as possible, Lonergan ensures that capturing the emotion and damage within his drama is his first port of call, knowing that viewers will be instantly sold before they even know why they are being taken down such a long and winding road. “Manchester by the Sea” is a director’s cut in feature form and it’s a subtly disturbing tale of love and loss with a hard-hitting message about the importance of holding onto those who care the most.


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