“Lost Highway” Review

9 January, 2017

Year of Release: 1997
Director: David Lynch
Screenwriters: David Lynch, Barry Gifford
Director of Photography: Peter Deming
Cast: Bill Pullman, Patricia Arquette, Robert Blake

Synopsis: An amnesiac sentenced to death for murdering his wife wakes up in the body of a younger man whose consciousness shares strange parallels with his previous reality.

Lost Highway Review:

As confusing as it may appear on the surface, “Lost Highway” is a criminally underrated piece in the David Lynch jigsaw puzzle and its puddle of a narrative is key to the endless Lynchian nightmare that has haunted cinema for decades. Squeezing its way through the migraine of a convicted wife killer, the movie throws its protagonist’s suburban lifestyle into the garbage and replaces it with a fictitious life that can only temporarily mask his suffering.

In the spirit of every other disconcerting art piece pulled from the depths of Lynch’s warped mind, “Lost Highway” is pure terror in motion and it digs deep into the psyche of its subject whilst maintaining an excruciating grip on the consciousness of his fluctuating mindset. Is this what it’s like to be inside the brain of a sexually repressed madman? It sure seems to be as each of his sexual inadequacies are miraculously forgotten within the explicit distractions of his brain’s magnetic alter ego.

Like a boomerang in his mind, Fred’s wife remains forever present in his dreams; simultaneously his soulmate and his worst enemy. Yet with the repugnance of his crime forever ringing in his ears, his nightmares jolt him awake and he cannot outrun them no matter how hard he tries. “Lost Highway” is a masterful puzzle for the most invested of viewers with arguably the most bizarre form of Lynchian justice to date.



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