“Monster Trucks” Review ✦✦✦✧✧

6 January, 2017

Director: Chris Wedge
Screenwriter: Derek Connolly
Director of Photography: Don Burgess
Cast: Lucas Till, Jane Levy, Barry Pepper

Synopsis: A freak accident sends ripples through a small community after a subterranean creature escapes through a drilling rig and searches for help in a local scrapyard.

Monster Trucks Review:

A welcome alternative to last year’s rather disappointing “Pete’s Dragon”, “Monster Trucks” is a cute slice of family fun which sees yet another tumultuous team-up for man and beast without too much of the mushy stuff. Action-packed and ready to rumble, the movie is far from ground-breaking but it shines a light on a few cool concepts while pushing a couple of new faces into the spotlight alongside a host of classical talent.

The young slug at the heart of the story is an adorable sea creature made in the same vein as DreamWorks’ Toothless yet easily rivalling the affable Night Fury when it comes to sheer lovability. Creech may be noticeably slimy and sharp-toothed but he’s just about the finest buddy you could ask for in a movie made to please youngsters and parents alike with the same old “Free Willy” story we’ve seen a hundred times before.

Creative yet forgettable, “Monster Trucks” provides momentary excitement for the most restless of viewers, allowing its blatant boosting of toy car sales to go undetected by many as it moves towards a rather quaint reunion ending rather than some ridiculous stadium truck race. Made to be only a smidgen better than the most standard B-Movie schlock, “Monster Trucks” is a surprisingly tolerable bit of fun and it warrants a look-in on home video at the very least.


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