“Why Him?” Review

29 December, 2016

Director: John Hamburg
Screenwriters: John Hamburg, Ian Helfer
Director of Photography: Kris Kachikis
Cast: James Franco, Bryan Cranston

Synopsis: A doting father experiences the struggles of parenthood after coming face-to-face with the smitten billionaire who has developed a fondness for his only daughter.

Why Him Review:

Undeniably one of the least funny comedies of the year and a pretty atrocious way to celebrate the Christmas season, “Why Him?” is “Meet the Parents” for morons and it’s about as appetising as a mouldy sourdough with a foul stench that’ll have you quite literally gagging in response to its failed jokes. Made to appeal to the barely conscious viewer, the film is a terribly slapdash feud drama centred on a family who couldn’t be less appealing if they tried.

Co-written by Jonah Hill who knows how to make his presence known in the most unappealing manner, “Why Him?” is missing the improvisational flair that we might’ve been given had Hill signed on as a star and the cast are stretched to the limit even though they all seem to be part of the same godawful pun. Revolving around a “Zoolander” script made with the sole intention of excusing James Franco’s incessant mania. “Why Him?” turns Franco’s natural demeanour into a cringe-worthy kind of eccentricity as Bryan Cranston’s grimaces come to reflect an issue with the film’s overall sense of humour.

Where even the worst of Hollywood comedies often begin with an interesting concept, “Why Him?” is missing any sliver of innovation as its most basic quips are left to rot in scenes extended to the point of insanity. From violent sneak attacks to lewd toilet humour, the movie is a ceaseless display of self-indulgence and its jokes about tattoos and middle-aged people having sex exist in a parallel universe where everyone is either a socially awkward prude or a drooling infant.



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