“Bad Santa 2” Review

23 November, 2016

Director: Mark Waters
Screenwriters: Johnny Rosenthal, Shauna Cross
Director of Photography: Theo van de Sande
Cast: Billy Bob Thorton, Kathy Bates

Synopsis: A deadbeat man who’s forged a life out of pessimism and bad habits finds himself crossing paths with previous acquaintances in the lead up to Christmas Day. Determined to make a quick buck, the drunken loser must put his hatred for friends and family aside as he embarks on yet another robbery alongside his outlaw mother.

Bad Santa 2 Review:

More than a month away from Christmas, it still feels a little too early to get into the festive spirit and “Bad Santa 2” couldn’t be a more badly timed follow-up in this year’s list of unwanted sequels. Released a whopping thirteen years after its predecessor, Billy Bob Thornton slips on his red suit with about as much enthusiasm as a pensioner on life support. Granted, “Bad Santa” has always existed to make a joke out of the very core of depression and disappointment, but there’s only so many times that one man can despondently hump women in public places before it starts to feel like a complete waste of time.

With a script that fails to move on from the previous decade, “Bad Santa 2” is plopped straight from the rear-end of the first movie and it has been brewing for so many years that the content is rather unsightly. While the digs at political correctness remain mostly on-point given the world of outrage that we currently live in, the lack of substance at the heart of every pun lends itself more to a groan-inducing white trash drama than a biting piece of social satire.

Although “Bad Santa 2” stays true to the style of the foul-mouthed original, it scrapes the barrel with jokes about characters and scenarios that are barely memorable to those who caught the movie upon its release. Despite the fact that Billy Bob Thornton never really changes as a person, it’s likely that many viewers have grown up or moved on from a lot of his lowbrow content. Even when Thornton provides a rather graphic yet brilliant description of casual sex to a now adult Thurman Merman, “Bad Santa 2” awards its stars very few luxuries with a script that’s lacking the nuance and wit of something a lot more uproarious.



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