“Resident Evil: Extinction” Review ✦✦✦✧✧

18 October, 2016

Year of Release: 2007
Russell Mulcahy
Paul W.S. Anderson
Director of Photography: 
David Johnson
Milla Jovovich, Iain Glen, Ashanti

Synopsis: A group of survivors still reeling from the effects of the t-Virus search for resources across the Nevada desert while the genetically altered Alice escapes from the Umbrella Corporation and joins forces with the uninfected.

Resident Evil Extinction Review:

Set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland where only the toughest people with the best resources survive, “Resident Evil: Extinction” is a reassuringly fresh take on a franchise in desperate need of the Mad Max treatment. With an introductory sequence that harks back to the film’s House of Horrors roots, Paul W.S. Anderson makes the wise decision to smoothly transition into a new phase as he takes a lot of the attention away from the missteps of the previous instalments and enlists the help of yet another director in the form of Russell Mulcahy.

“Extinction” is a film that takes a significant step in the right direction as Anderson delivers a competent story with clearly outlined character development and interwoven narratives. It’s all in the minor details and he finally comes up with a tale worth telling without the use of a ton of sloppy CGI. The movie features the finest “Evil Dead”-worthy make-up effects that the series has seen so far in a film with an overall set design that effortlessly turns it into the most aesthetically appealing out of the first three films.

As predicted, Milla Jovovich’s Alice gets her moment to shine as Anderson hacks away at the script and has her showcasing the truly fierce hands-on combat we’ve all been waiting for. Despite “Resident Evil: Extinction” working pretty well as a standalone movie, the series’ initial premise is as unremarkable as it has always been and although the suspense mostly holds up on-screen, it still fails to get under the skin like an effective action-horror movie really should. The corniness has disappeared though and hopefully it’s gone for good as Russell Mulcahy helms a third instalment to be proud of in such a completely unpredictable set of movies.


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