“Blair Witch” Review

16 September, 2016

Director: Adam Wingard
Screenwriter: Simon Barrett
Director of Photography: Robby Baumgartner
Cast: James Allen McCune, Callie Hernandez

Synopsis: After his sister mysteriously disappears while making a documentary, a young man and his friends venture out into the woods. Cursed by the tale of the evil Blair Witch, the troupe find themselves going in circles as their tour guides abruptly vanish in the wilderness, leaving the team stranded with no sense of direction.

Blair Witch Review:

As an unforgivably sloppy rehash of a horror classic, “Blair Witch” is a disappointing follow-up from the writer-director duo who created “The Guest” and it plays out in a manner that relies on enough stereotypes and foreseeable jump scares to infuriate fans of the original. Although it’s difficult to believe that Adam Wingard or his screenwriter Simon Barrett were within a hundred miles of this project, the film exists as clear evidence of a doomed production and it’s one that we are left to suffer with as part of a larger franchise.

While the movie is indeed a ‘Blair Witch’ film and not some freeloading monstrosity like previous sequel “Book of Shadows,” the latest reboot attempts the impossible by retracing the steps of a movie with cultural significance that lives beyond the bare bones of its narrative. Love it or hate it, “The Blair Witch Project” is firmly nailed to the foundations of the found footage subgenre and, like so many other horror reimaginings, this latest rehash is only asking for trouble by stepping into unwelcome territory.

In keeping with the standard Hollywood remake guidelines, the movie features a group of expendable idiots making a ton of bad life decisions as they retrace the path laid out by the original story. Their deaths are quick, always the result of a lack of intelligence, and the mystery evaporates as early clues and encounters fall by the wayside in the lead up to a reveal-all finale. While it’s possible to appreciate some of the new explanations given for the terrifying folktale, “Blair Witch” ultimately does the unthinkable by revealing the so-called ‘witch’ in all her glory; a move that comes across as blatantly disrespectful in a film that’s supposed to be about bumps in the night and rustles in the distance.



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