“Hell or High Water” Review ✦✦✦✧✧

10 September, 2016

Director: David Mackenzie
Screenwriter: Taylor Sheridan
Director of Photography: Giles Nuttgens
Cast: Chris Pine, Jeff Bridges, Ben Foster

Synopsis: A Texas man looking to create a stable life for his son decides to embark on a string of bank robberies with the help of his estranged brother. As the reality of their final robbery looms, the pair run increasingly close to danger while a determined lawman sniffs out their trail with the intention of upholding justice.

Hell or High Water Review:

“Hell or High Water” is an all-or-nothing heist movie set in the sandy wallows of the Deep South. It’s a slow and downbeat affair which sees a dishevelled Chris Pine and Ben Foster committing amateur bank robberies in order to maintain a hold over their dead mother’s ranch. It’s a film with the same desolate and mumbly sensibility that the Coen’s “No Country For Old Men” is remembered for and yet its careful plotting never quite packs the same punch despite its fleeting pleasures.

The film always points towards some form of freedom waiting on the horizon but it has an overhanging sense of hopelessness that pierces through the blood-pumping spectacle of its spontaneous hold-ups. It’s a precarious situation and no one’s path is clearly marked out ahead of them as they embark on their various journeys while rolling along the dusty roads of Texas.

There are two sides to every story and “Hell or High Water” ropes you into both positions as a pair of local rangers pursue the men with many disastrous consequences further down the line. Both sides request your sympathy and when they eventually come to a head you realise that they cannot coexist without consequence. Selfishness destroys lives and sacrifice provides freedom for some, but not all, in a story of impatience and self-made justice within small-town America.


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Hell or High Water