“Jason Bourne” Review ✦✦✧✧✧

28 July, 2016

Director: Paul Greengrass
Screenwriters: Paul Greengrass, Christopher Rouse
Director of Photography: Barry Ackroyd
Cast: Matt Damon, Alicia Vikander, Tommy Lee Jones

Synopsis: Having spent many years on the run from the agents who turned him into a professional assassin, Jason Bourne finds himself hauled back into danger after he is spotted by international intelligence. It’s up to a hacker on the inside to help Bourne figure out a route of escape before he is terminated once and for all.

Jason Bourne Review:

In a time where action heroes like John Wick, Jack Reacher, John Rambo, James Bond, and John McClane are merging into one big gloop of muscle, it’s a struggle to recall the backstory that placed Jason Bourne where he is today. On the big screen, Robert Ludlum’s iconic character has always felt like a rather uncharismatic version of 007 with a brooding past that haunts him like a bad case of indigestion. Bourne is so pokerfaced that his on-screen presence is no more engaging than that of a toothpick as Matt Damon tries for the fifth time to fill the shoes of the blandest assassin in film history.

Just like every other pre-packaged action movie, Bourne goes from car chase to rooftop jump in an endless sea of explosions and sniper fire; elements that have become so familiar to action fans that it can be a struggle to recall the context within which they fall. Paul Greengrass spins yet another story comprised of flashbacks, rehashed ideas and uninspired action sequences and the elements are so familiar within the genre that it’s only Moby’s well-known theme song that marks the film as a legitimate “Bourne” movie.

“Jason Bourne” showcases a hero without substance, charm, or panache. Bourne is an agent without gadgets or nice cars, a man whose romantic appeal died along with his girlfriend over a decade ago. Despite the movie being part of a successful action series, Bourne’s latest instalment is a film of short-lived thrills about a character who has failed once again to make a substantial imprint on popular culture.


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