“Deadpool” Review ✦✦✦✧✧

11 February, 2016

Director: Tim Miller
Screenwriters: Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick
Director of Photography:  Ken Seng
Cast: Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin

Synopsis: A former Special Forces agent with a dark sense of humour immerses himself in a mutant subculture after he participates in a dangerous experiment and ends up graphically disfigured with exceptional healing and combat powers.

Deadpool Review:

Undoubtedly the most stubborn and self-referential comic book movie in existence, “Deadpool” is a film that know how to stick to its guns and it makes no apologies for being juvenile and offensive. True to the source material, Tim Miller ensures that the Merc with a Mouth gets his time to shine in the most rebellious, tongue-in-cheek fashion. While the film’s tonal consistency helps in making it one of the least mind-numbing superhero movies in recent years, “Deadpool” does feel a bit like an extended YouTube parody at times and it’s an overwhelmingly belligerent comedy, particularly for viewers unfamiliar with the humour of the comics.

Although not always the finest choice to play a leading man, Ryan Reynolds discovers the role he was born to play and he dons the mask with ease, conveying every nuance of Deadpool through gesture and dialogue that comes completely naturally to him. The titular character has his moments of arrogance and it takes a while to slip into the meta-humour but it soon becomes apparent that Miller’s film is step above the obnoxious antics of the “Kick-ass” series which takes a similar approach but never quite blossoms into something as palatable.

With a love story that provides more than the average Peter Parker/Mary Jane schmooze, “Deadpool” proves that, no matter how self-aware a superhero movie can be, it always requires a string of standard plot elements to maintain its crowd-pleasing structure. This can be seen in a multitude of components, ranging from Wade Wilson’s initial mutation to his big showdown with Ajax. Unquestionably a showstopper for die-hard Marvel fans, “Deadpool” benefits greatly from its meta-content and this unusual breed of comedy adorns the movie with the potential to reel in a more intellectual and critical audience alongside its casual viewers.


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